These are some general rules that apply to the group overall. Each game and/or server we play on may have their own rules. For PEP hosted servers, please reference the individual game page for full rules. Otherwise, reference the in-game or server specific rules.

  1. 18+ age requirement

  2. Don’t be an ass.

  3. We’re an adult group, so 18+ years of age or older. There will likely be cuss words and sexual inuendo. You have been warned.

    Eggplant Emoji
  4. Racial slurs are not allowed - ever.

  5. Booze is a requirement - pass that shit around.

  6. Keep your spoilers to your damn self!

  7. You can talk about politics and religion, but you have to go to the “cringe-worthy-shit” text/voice channel. And wear the cone of shame.

  8. Want a solid, dedicated group of gamers? Go somewhere else. This is a chill group for exhausted gamers with little free time who just want to zone out for an hour or two.

  9. Follow the rules for the game or server, unless we’re goofing off.

  10. Have fun my peeps!