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PEP.GG Minecraft Season Two Logo

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General Info:

We currently operate a network that supports a lobby server in addition to multiple other servertypes. Including previous seasons and upcoming gamemodes.

Season Two - Currently Live!

Season One Gallery:

Key Highlights:

  • 18+ age requirement
  • The server has been optimized for a smooth player experience.
  • The Season Two worldborder is currently set to 6k x 6K.
  • Whitelist enforced - Pigeon-waddle on over to our Whitelist Form to request an add to our whitelist!

Plugins, Datapacks, & Crafting Tweaks:

We run various plugins to assist with offering a smooth and fun experience

  • ChatControl and Essentials to support /mail, /msg, /seen and other general functions like /afk
  • CoreProtect for block logging and rollbacks
  • DiscordSRV for Server > Discord | Discord > Server chatting, you chatty peepers you
  • BetterRTP for those of you who want to be randomly teleported to start off

We also run various datapacks for multiplayer sanity:

  • Dragon Drops Elytra
  • Player Head Drops
  • More Mob Heads
  • Multiplayer Sleep - To support one-player sleeping
  • Crafting Tweaks - Including:
    • Flint to Gravel
    • Dropper to Dispenser
    • Wool to String
    • Sandstone Dyeing
    • Slabs & Stairs to Blocks
    • Uncraftable Netherwart
    • Uncraftable Ice
    • Universal Dyeing

Additional Notes:

  • Be mindful of your mob counts, we’ll murder ya chickens if you’ve got twenty billion of ‘em. We like nuggets.
  • If you run into issues pop onto Discord and let us know in the #mc-help channel.

Rules & Concepts

This is a survival server. Your standard “Don’t be an asshole” and other concepts apply. Since sometimes we need a rulebook to throw at folks, see below.

  • No required distance to build from spawn. Feel free to grab a spot for a home, shop, whatever.
  • Remain respectful of others builds and land. This means no building on-top of one-another unless OK’d. Spawn is anticpiated to have close-proximity builds, but be reasonable.
  • No stealing from one another. This includes from bases or shops. We have zero tolerance for stealing or not making payments for items and services.
  • PVP only when agreed upon.
  • No X-ray bullshit.
  • Like we said, these are sensible for a survival server. We may add other explict rules as needed, but as we said “Don’t be an asshole” is all encompasing. You are an adult and know what is right and wrong.

We’re all adults, if you can’t act like one you don’t need to play with us.

Whitelist Information

Pigeon-waddle on over to our Whitelist Form to request an add to our whitelist! We look at these pretty much daily. Please join the Discord if you want to poke us on status.