PEP Logo

(Logo by the incredible itsHalfpint. You can see more of their work on their website.)

TD;DC (too drunk, don’t care) We’re not early birds or night owls, we’re some kind of permanently exhausted pigeons

We are a small but dedicated group of social gamers…

Fuck that nonsense. We’re middle aged+ adults with jobs, responsibilities, and bills. We are permanently exhausted (and drunk). Somewhere in there, we try to find time to play video games. We don’t have time for that über l33t top 500 raid boss smokin’ bullshit (not that it wouldn’t be cool). Rather, at the end of long days, and sometimes on the weekend – we spend our time poking mindlessly at games while trying to reclaim energy, sobriety, and hope to face the coming Monday.

Are you also a middle-aged adult despairing at your responsibilities, who likes to play video games? (Non-alchoholics need not apply.) Then feel free to join us.

Gemma Correll’s comic

(Inpsired in-part by Gemma Correll’s popular comic, shown above. You can see more of their work on their website.)