Recently the topic of longevity was raised. Specifically around the subject of wipes or resets on the Minecraft server. Below are some thoughts on longevity, making players comfortable making the time investment into the world and their builds, and a handful of related items.

As always, feedback is always welcomed. Please speak up on the Discord or by pinging OtterlyWasted or Arsynst directly with any thoughts, concerns, questions, or memes.

I tried keeping this short but if you ask Otter she’ll tell you I an incapable of shutting the fuck up. With that, enjoy the novel.

Current Plans?

To start, we have no current plans to wipe or otherwise modify the progress everyone has made on the Minecraft server. This contrasts to previously made statements regarding the possibility of a wipe for 1.17. As with many things, opinions and stances change over time. The desire of the majority of the community to preserve builds during the 1.16 upgrade has resulted in a chance of stance regarding a wipe for 1.17 (and other future builds).

If the greater community wants to see portions of the world wipe for 1.17 Otter and I will work with those individuals wishing to preserve their builds to find a solution that allows everyone to retain their existing builds and content that want that, but also provide new content and opportunities for folks.

We would only ever consider map/world resets or wipes in the event of technical necessity, or an overall community desire to perform such a drastic action typically in association with a new major update.

We understand that player made content and builds are a huge component of Minecraft and we want nothing more than for PEP players to enjoy their time, feel confident in their time sinks into the game, and generally feel at-ease with spending their time with us. Given this stance, no such decision would be made without community input and involvement.

What is the purpose of map/world wipes/resets?

These are a tool commonly used by some servers as either a function of player retention/engagement or to facilitate new world generation types.


1.16.2 is planed to drop next week permitting nothing changes. We’ll again be waiting on the Paper version prior to making the switch. With zero map resets/wipes planned for 1.16.2

1.17 and Future Updates

1.17 and beyond have not been announced, nor do know for sure what changes will be coming in 1.17 or other future versions. At this time it is impossible to speculate on the technical or community decision regarding a possible wipe or reset for 1.17.

Would we Wipe/Reset?

In the event that 1.17 or future versions do make massive changes to terrain or world generation, we would consider performing another world expansion to obtain new generation to support more usable space dependent on player count, available biomes, etc.

If the nature of the update (generation or technical considerations) and overall community desire is to perform a wipe/reset - We would facilitate a community-wide discussion to determine what that looks like.

Moving Spawn for Updates?

The suggestion of moving the world spawn point for a given update is an interesting one and something I would consider. Of course as with most changes I would want to take the community’s thoughts into consideration.

Preserving Builds for Updates?

Again, something I would consider with community input. The ability to use WorldEdit or a similar tool to preserve builds will have to be investigated at the time of update given that each tool/plugin updates at their own pace. I cannot promise a certain tool will be available at the given time. Alternative tooling would be investigated at that time.

Multiverse (multiple-worlds)?

This would be having multiple worlds on the server accessible via portals or plugins. For example the current Overworld and a second Overworld.

The ability to use Multiverse or a similar tool to preserve builds will have to be investigated at the time of update given that each tool/plugin updates at their own pace. I cannot promise a certain tool will be available at the given time. Alternative tooling would be investigated at that time.

Again, another option I would considering with community input.

World Downloads?

In the event a wipe or reset is going to occur, I have zero issue making a world download available for anyone who wishes to continue living in the same world within their own single-player or self-hosted server.

Technical Requirements & Limitations

In the sake of transparency, to raise some technical concerns with large world sizes, and generally offer a caveat to the concept of continually expanding worlds - I offer the following.

To get technical here for a moment, as the world expands and is generally explored and lived in, the data size of the world increases. The server hardware that we operate on was selected with this in mind. We can easily maintain and support a large world size (both world-size/border wise, and data size wise) without issue up until a certain point without additional financial considerations to the operating costs of the server.

I raise all of this to say that eventually over the course of many major Minecraft version updates there is a change a world reset/wipe may be a technical hurdle or consideration. Larger worlds increase the chances of world corruption, can become too large to reasonably operate in a multiplayer environment, increase operating costs in terms of hardware, and generally become a barrier. That said these barriers are distant future concerns and not something I would expect us to run into until multiple major Minecraft versions from now. Which given the Minecraft release cadence means years permitting Mojang doesn’t do something to cause issues with existing world versions, file formats, etc.


We have no plans to perform a world/map wipe/reset in the immediate future. We may consider a reset/wipe in the event that Mojang implements significant technical or generation changes in which a world reset or wipe is deemed the only viable option. We may also consider a reset/wipe in the event that the community at large determines this is the best course of action based on generation changes, community health/involvement, etc.

All this being said, I do not see a world wipe or reset occurring in the immediate or distant future unless determined to be the only available action based on significant technical or requirement changes introduced by Mojang, or in such events where the community collectively decides this is in the best interest of the community. Neither decision would be taken lightly, and considerable effort would be made to ensure the outcome aligns with what the community wants.