General 1.16 Note

General note to say I am keeping an eye on news and updates coming from the Spigot, Paper, and various plugin projects we rely on. There is some rumblings in the community that both spigot and paper might update within the same week as the 1.16 release from Mojang. Awesome!

Once Spigot updates we should see Paper update shortly thereafter. I expect plugins to update soon™ after their authors are able to update the plugins, and once Spigot 1.16 versions are available.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get the server update with a fresh PaperMC version, along with datapacks and plugins. Will be testing as I can on a test service to verify functionality.

I do not plan to remove plugins or datapacks in order to reach a 1.16 upgrade sooner. I’d like to maintain consistency throughout the move to 1.16.