Written By: Arsynst


As I am sure many of you know the 1.16 “Nether Update” is just around the corner. Pre-release 4 was released today, which means release is relatively close. I suspect we’ll see 1.16 released over the next few weeks.

The plan is to update the server as soon as we are able to permitting stable PaperMC versions, plugin updates, etc.

Below is the rundown of what to expect, and a few calls for feedback.

PaperMC, Plugins, & Datapacks

PaperMC typically updates in short order once a new Minecraft update is released. I don’t feel that this should take too long to update, but you never know. It does not seem that there will be major changes in this update of Minecraft that I expect to cause delay. This is compared to previous updates which had massive mechanic changes, etc.

The plan is to move to 1.16 once a stable 1.16 version of PaperMC, and our respective plugins and datapacks are available.

Speaking of plugins and datapacks, we use a handful of plugins and datapacks on the server. I suspect most of these will either work with 1.16 out of the box, or be updated shortly after release of 1.16.

The plan is to wait on updating the server until we confirm that the plugins and datapacks we use will work with 1.16. I would like to keep the user experience consistent with this update.

Nether Reset

The Nether will be reset as we move to 1.16. Notice will be provided to pick-up any materials in the nether (path blocks, etc.), make note of portal coordinates for rebuilding, and whatnot before the Nether gets its reset.

This means everything in the Nether gets deleted. Farms, portals, blocks, etc. Again, notice will be provided before the change.

Nether Hub

If the community wants to create a Nether hub on the roof, or in the Nether proper, this is cool. I’ll leave that decision up to y’all.

The End Reset?

Many have expressed an interest in resetting the end. I like this idea as it will open up the end cities/ships for more pillaging.

I like this idea and see it playing out two ways. 1. Keeping the main End island as-is or 2. Nuking everything. Mention your thoughts on Discord.

Overworld Expansion?

The plan was always to expand the world border once 1.16 drops. I’d love to get a current temperature on this from the community.

Do y’all want to see more blocks? Speak-up on Discord.